7 Financial Questions to Ask your Significant Other

Financial Questions to Ask your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate what’s truly most important in life: love, in all its aspects. Finding your soulmate, building a life together, celebrating your partner and all that they mean to you: that’s Valentine’s Day. Love and money—that seems less intuitive for a romantic holiday. But what’s more romantic than setting […]

How to Manage Debt During Holiday Season

Credit Health Holidays

Protecting your credit health during the holidays can be a challenge. While we look forward to giving gifts to our loved ones, the cost of travel, entertainment and of course gifts for everyone on your list can add up fast. And if you’re not careful, this can impact your credit health long after the holidays are over.

Women & Money: Tips for Talking About Money With Your Girlfriends

talking about money with your girlfriends

Imagine grabbing brunch with your girls. Giggling over mimosas, catching up on the love life situation (or lack thereof…sigh), getting the scoop on the latest shopping deals and…whether you should pull your money out of your 401k plan to invest elsewhere. Ummm, what? Although money may not seem like a topic you wish to broach […]

Do Millennials Have the Best Personal Finance Habits?

Best Personal Finance Habits

There is a popular stereotype that millennials are too busy drinking expensive lattes and eating organic avocado toast to make progress toward financial goals. However, actual spending data shows that spending habits of millennials do not really differ much between the generations from other generations.

How Homeowners Can Plan for Unexpected Expenses

unexpected expenses

Home ownership is a big part of the American Dream for many families. But, owning a home comes with the possibility of major unexpected expenses when big-ticket items break — and there is no landlord to turn to for repairs.

Prosper Unveils Prosper Daily, Its First Mobile App

Today we are excited to announce our first mobile app, Prosper Daily. The free Prosper Daily app is designed to give consumers a powerful suite of tools to make smarter financial decisions, including viewing all their financial accounts in one place, budgeting and tracking spending by category, identifying questionable charges, and monitoring their free credit […]