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Sparrow’s financing solutions cater to virtually anyone looking to pay for school, from parents and high school seniors preparing for college to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as borrowers looking to refinance existing student loans. 

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Student loans are designed to cover all your educational expenses. From tuition and room and board to textbooks, supplies, transportation, and more, Sparrow’s got your education expenses covered. Don’t let financial barriers hinder your dreams. 

Federal student loans, backed by the government, feature fixed interest rates and eligibility based on the FAFSA. They offer flexible repayment options and forgiveness programs. Private student loans, offered by banks, come with variable interest rates based on creditworthiness, fewer repayment choices, and no forgiveness programs. 

Disbursement of private student loan funds depends on whether you’re borrowing for school or refinancing existing loans. 

For in-school private student loans, funds typically go directly to your school for tuition. The school then provides the remaining loan funds to you for other educational expenses like housing. The school sets the disbursement date, usually at the beginning of the semester. Applying early is advisable to avoid any unexpected delays. 

For student loan refinancing, no new funds are disbursed. Your new private lender pays off existing loans and replaces them with new terms. This typically occurs within a few days, but always check with your lender(s). 

All student loans are offered through our referral partner, Sparrow. Student loans are not available through Prosper.