December 11, 2015

Prosper Announces New API Platform for Investors

By Prosper

We are excited to announce the launch of the new investor Application Program Interface (API) platform. Prosper’s new Investor API platform allows Prosper investors and third party agents to directly connect with Prosper’s system and access important investor functionalities, such as searching listings and placing orders.

The new API platform provides a number of technological benefits, including:

  • significant performance improvement
  • an industry-standard authentication flow
  • comprehensive filtering and sorting capabilities

Developers can access comprehensive documentation on this new API platform, as well as future developer initiatives, by visiting:,

The new API platform is available in production and will run in parallel with the old API for 90 days. Investors can expect a email from us in 2016 to confirm the details related to shutting down the old API.

If you use a third party agent, please watch out for announcements from them and work with them to grant them permission to access your Prosper account, so that you can continue to use their service uninterrupted.

For our existing API users, please follow the instructions in the account registration page on our developer site.