Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

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Credit scores can drop for a variety of reasons, from a credit report error to a missed debt payment. These are the main reasons your scores may have dropped, and what you can do to recover.

How to Use Home Equity

Modern house with solar panels

Have home equity available? Explore all of the ways you could use this financial resource.

Too Much Credit Card Debt? Expert Tips for Paying It Off

American consumers are awash in debt. According to a recent report by the Federal Reserve, we collectively owe $4.1 trillion in consumer debt, including over $1 trillion in credit card or revolving debt. Are you stressed—both mentally and financially—about your share of this credit card debt? Then it’s time to take action and heed these […]

How Homeowners Can Plan for Unexpected Expenses

unexpected expenses

Home ownership is a big part of the American Dream for many families. But, owning a home comes with the possibility of major unexpected expenses when big-ticket items break — and there is no landlord to turn to for repairs.