Prosper Launches Credit Card Optimizer™ for the Prosper Daily App

SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 7, 2016 — Prosper Marketplace announced today the release of Credit Card Optimizer, a new feature of the award-winning Prosper Daily app that helps consumers make better money decisions daily by providing them with actionable insights.

Credit Card Optimizer™ aims to solve common and costly credit card mishaps by arming people with timely information including payment reminders, a breakdown of interest bearing balances by card, and other contextual advice on how to avoid potential fees.

Credit card fees and interest payments cost Americans a fortune. In July the Federal Reserve [iii] reported that consumer credit card debt surged to a record-setting $34.4 billion during the second quarter of 2016.

“All too often, people get in trouble with their credit cards through uninformed or careless actions or inactions. These moments can really add up, affecting your financial well-being, resulting in a series of negative outcomes including late fees and high interest payments,” said Raphael Ouzan, vice president of product and technology at Prosper Marketplace. “Prosper Daily’s goal is to be the trusted mobile companion for consumers that are looking to make better financial decisions.”

Credit Card Optimizer™ proactively helps consumers regain control of their finances through behavioral changes. Specifically, Credit Card Optimizer™ enables users to:

  • See all your card information in one place: At-a-glance you can review balances, utilization, and statement information for all the cards that you connect to the app.
  • Minimize interest payments: View outstanding credit card balances and see a projection of the interest you will incur if you don’t pay off balances.
  • Use the right card: The ‘Which Card to Use?’ feature helps you optimize purchases by advising which card to use to minimize interest payments or balance card utilization.
  • Never miss a payment: Carefully timed push notifications remind you of upcoming minimum payments and due dates.

Credit Card Optimizer™ enriches Prosper Daily’s commitment to helping consumers get on top of their finances by tracking, budgeting and managing their money matters in one place. This new feature is now available in the iOS version of Prosper Daily in the App Store. An Android version will be available in the coming months.


About Prosper Marketplace

Since its launch in 2006 as the first marketplace lender in the US, Prosper Marketplace has evolved into a personal finance company that offers products and services that go beyond access to personal loans to help people get on top of their finances. Through Prosper’s flagship loan product, borrowers get access to low, fixed-rate loans with no prepayment penalties and investors can earn great returns through the platform’s data-driven underwriting for personal loans. The Prosper Daily app helps people stay on top of their money, credit and identity. Prosper Marketplace is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Phoenix and Tel Aviv. The Prosper marketplace lending platform is owned by Prosper Funding LLC and the Prosper Daily app is owned by BillGuard, Inc., both of which are subsidiaries of Prosper Marketplace.

For more information visit: 

[i] Federal Reserve, 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances 

[iii] Federal Reserve, July 2016 Consumer Credit Report

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