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Best Practices

In most ways, unpaid healthcare bills are like any other debt, and have the same consequences. Learn more in this guide to unpaid medical...

What Are Personal Loans? What Are Personal Loans?

Financial Literacy

What is a personal loan? There are many reasons a personal loan may work for you. But before applying, you need to understand how...

Financial Literacy 101 Financial Literacy 101

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the know-how to manage your money and plan for your financial future. If you’re not entirely comfortable with money or aren’t...

Home Ownership
Example image for How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

Finance for Homeowners

One of the best parts of homeownership is being able to customize your home exactly how you want it. You don’t have to make...

plans for what adds the most value to a home plans for what adds the most value to a home

Finance for Homeowners

What Adds the Most Value to a Home? When it comes to home improvements, you probably know that the answer is “yes” to the...

Example of potential result from remodel planning Example of potential result from remodel planning

Finance for Homeowners

Whether you’re taking a home you already love and making it better or taking a fixer-upper and restoring it to livability, the key to...

Managing Debt

Credit Management

Unemployed and looking for ways to borrow money? Here are some ideas.

interest rate vs apr interest rate vs apr

Financial Wellness

“Did you get a good interest rate?” When applying for a personal loan, that’s the first thing everyone wants to know. The second: what...

image.png image.png

Credit Management

Maybe you’re planning to make a big purchase, start a home improvement project, or consolidate existing debt. As you consider potential options for borrowing...

Financial Wellness
Woman learns what is principal and interest

Financial Literacy

One of the most common questions consumers ask is this: what is principal and interest? They’re both terms related to loans, but what do...

personal loans and credit score personal loans and credit score

Credit Score Information

Do you have questions about personal loans and your credit score? Prosper will help break down some of the important details.

Person checks their FICO Score Person checks their FICO Score

Credit Score Information

Most adults in the United States have at the very least, heard of a FICO® Score. However, most lack knowledge of the nitty-gritty of...

Mastering Credit
Secured vs unsecured?

Credit Management

Should you apply for a secured or unsecured loan? Find out the difference between secured vs unsecured loans before you apply.

Budgeting at a desk Budgeting at a desk


It’s never the wrong time to start learning how to budget. Make today the day you take charge of your finances. Start with a...

Is a credit card balance right for you Is a credit card balance right for you

Credit Management

A credit card balance transfer lets you move debt from one card to another that has a lower interest rate. Many credit card issuers...

Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Can't decide between a construction loan vs a HELOC? Prosper can help you pick the best way to finance your home renovation project!

diy-home-projects.jpg diy-home-projects.jpg

Home Renovations

Winter is a great time to hunker down and tackle those projects you’ve been thinking about all year. Plus, by saving money on hefty...

Winter-Home-Improvement.jpg Winter-Home-Improvement.jpg

Home Renovations

Winter can be a great time to tackle one or two home improvement projects that will not only have your home warm and cozy,...

Saving vs. Investing

Financial Wellness

Commonly confused, both as words and concepts, saving and investing are not the same. There are similarities between the two, but let’s look closely...

Financial Benefits of Working From Home Financial Benefits of Working From Home

Financial Wellness

Waking up to start your workday on camera from the kitchen table is an adjustment. But for many of us, there are benefits of...

saving in your 30s 40s and 50s saving in your 30s 40s and 50s

Financial Wellness

While it’s easy to see how savings are an important part of financial well-being, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how much...