September 16, 2016
Performance Update: August 2016
By Brad Pennington
Today I am proud to share the Prosper Performance Update for August 2016. As you will see in the Update, estimated returns on the August production continue to be slightly above 7% on average.* The Update also shows that the 2016 portfolio is on track to have the highest Internal Rate of Return (IRR) target since 2013 and the highest average FICO to date. We believe this is a result of policy interventions made throughout 2016. Prosper also believes that these ongoing policy improvements will positively impact delinquency in the new 2016 vintages.
August 9, 2016
Prosper Performance Update: July 2016
By Brad Pennington
Today, I am proud to share the Prosper Performance Update for July 2016. As you will see in the Update, expected returns in the first and second quarter of 2016 production are just above 7.4% on average.* The Update also shows that early delinquency for 2016Q2 vintages is below 2015Q4 and 2016Q1 levels.
August 1, 2016
#MyProsperStory Investor Q&A with Prosper Investor: Matt O’Malley
By Remi Harrad
Matt O’Malley is the co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Looking Glass Investment (LGI), a private investment firm focused on marketplace lending as an alternative to traditional–and often volatile–equity markets. We reached out to learn more about LGI and Matt’s experience investing with Prosper. Here’s what he had to say:
July 11, 2016
Prosper Performance Update: June 2016
By Brad Pennington
Today I am proud to share our second Prosper Performance Update. As you will see in the update, the expected return on June 2016 production is just above 7.4% on average. Additionally, as you can see from the origination data, there is a continued trend towards a more conservative portfolio with a greater coupon.
June 22, 2016
Prosper Unveils New Retail Investor Experience
By Prosper
As the needs of investors continue to evolve, two things remain paramount – they want to put their money to work quickly and easily, and see solid returns. And while historically, Prosper has delivered on the promise of attractive returns, the investment site hasn’t always been the easiest to navigate, that is until now. Today marks a new milestone for us at Prosper. We’re excited to announce the release of our new and improved retail investor experience.
June 8, 2016
Prosper Performance Update: May 2016
By Brad Pennington
At Prosper Marketplace, we value transparency and believe it benefits both borrowers and investors on our platform, as well as the the marketplace lending industry overall. We are committed to providing our investors with the information and tools they need to invest through the Prosper platform, and over the past several years, we’ve shown this commitment in various ways. We were the first marketplace lending platform to offer expansive credit data via API to its investor community and we continue to publish loan-level performance for investors.