Prosper Marketplace Unveils Prosper Daily

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2016 —Prosper Marketplace, which operates a leading online marketplace that connects borrowers and investors, today announced its first mobile app, Prosper Daily.

The free Prosper Daily app is designed to give consumers a powerful suite of tools to make smarter financial decisions, including viewing all their financial accounts in one place, budgeting and tracking spending by category, identifying questionable charges, and monitoring their free credit score, which is updated monthly.

“By using Prosper Daily just a few minutes a day, consumers can begin to get on top of their finances” said Aaron Vermut, chief executive officer of Prosper Marketplace. “We’re excited to be the first marketplace lender to offer a financial wellness app to consumers.”

The need for financial wellness tools and guidance is at an all-time high. A recent Prosper Marketplace Financial Wellness survey revealed that only 38 percent of Americans currently have a financial plan in place.

Prosper Daily is the next evolution of the BillGuard app, which includes enhanced functionality and new design.  As part of this release, BillGuard users will continue as Prosper Daily users. To date, the five-star rated app has flagged over $70 million in unauthorized charges and has more than 1.6 million registered users. As BillGuard, the app won almost every industry award in its category, including being named one of the top banking innovations of all time by Online Banking Report and a Best App of 2014 by Google.

“We’re just getting started with Prosper Daily,” said Itzik Cohen, chief business officer of Prosper Marketplace. “Our goal is to create a new type of personal finance app. We plan to use Prosper’s marketplace innovations in lending and investing to introduce new capabilities in the app that we think will be very meaningful to all of our users.”

Prosper Daily is live and immediately available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about Prosper Daily, visit



About Prosper Marketplace
Since its launch in 2006 as the first marketplace lender in the US, Prosper has evolved into a personal finance company that offers products and services beyond personal loans to help people get on top of their finances. Through Prosper’s flagship loan product, borrowers get low, fixed-rate loans with no hidden fees or prepayment penalties and investors can earn great returns through the platform’s data-driven underwriting for personal loans. The Prosper Daily app helps people stay on top of their money, credit and identity. Prosper Marketplace is headquartered in San Francisco with offices across the country and in Tel Aviv. For more information visit: and follow Prosper on Twitter @ProsperLoans. Download Prosper Daily from the App Store and Google Play.