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5 Home Improvement Ideas for Winter that Could Save You Money

When we think of home renovations, we usually imagine these projects kicking off in the spring or summer months. But more time at home this season means we’re bursting with home improvement ideas for winter, too. 

Winter is a great time to hunker down and tackle those projects you’ve been thinking about all year. Plus, by saving money on hefty winter utility bills, some of the best winter DIY home projects could pay for themselves.

There’s also the potential to save money on contractors for bigger home improvement projects during the winter. According to a HomeLight Top Agents Insights Survey, builders and contractors are busiest in spring and summer, meaning these home improvement pros may be looking for more work when the cold weather rolls in.

Winter home improvement is generally less focused on curb appeal and more on updating interiors to make your home more liveable, comfortable, and energy efficient. With that, here are 5 home improvement ideas for winter that could save you money.

winter diy home projects

1. Add Insulation

Adding insulation is, perhaps, the most inevitable of winter DIY projects. This is a great option if you’re looking to stay warm and save a few bucks on energy bills. Not sure where to start? Consider tackling your attic, crawl space, or basement first to fortify your home against frigid winter weather.

2. Seal Up Cracks

This is another of our simple winter DIY home projects that aims to keep warmth in and cold out. According to EnergyStar, by adding insulation and sealing leaks and cracks, you could slash 15% off your heating and cooling costs each year. 

The better news? Insulating spray foam costs less than $10, making this low cost winter home improvement idea even easier. That, plus the potential heating and cooling cost savings, means this one is a must-do for winter.

3. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

It turns out, you could snag some great deals by planning home improvement projects with the seasons. Because professional painters have fewer jobs in the winter, it’s reported that paint manufacturers offer the best deals on their products from late fall through winter. Do-it-yourself painters can take advantage of these low prices, too, making this one of the top winter DIY home projects to tackle this year. Not only is the material cheaper in winter, there’s also less moisture and humidity in the air when it’s cold outside. That means your paint will dry faster and you can cross this one off your list sooner.

4. Clean Up Old Trees

This one’s more of a pre-winter DIY home project. Make sure to trim and remove the older, dying trees in your yard before the heavy snow and dangerous ice arrives. Sure, you may have to shell out some cash for a professional service if you’re dealing with bigger trees that are sick or dying. But, this one is a money saver and could literally be a lifesaver, as trees and large branches have a nasty habit of coming down on top of homes during winter storms.

5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Thermostats have come a long way over the last decade. Before you crank up the heat in earnest this winter, consider installing a smart, programmable thermostat like a Google Nest, Emerson Sensi or Honeywell that utilizes WiFi. A smart thermostat will make your heat usage more efficient and on-demand. This is one of the easiest winter DIY home projects that can save you money right away.

Wondering how to pay for these winter DIY home projects? If you’ve built up equity in your home, accessing that equity with a home equity line of credit may be an option for you. Learn more about using your home equity to finance your winter home improvement ideas.

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