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Prosper Marketplace at Upcoming Industry Events

Now that fall is officially upon us, the Prosper Marketplace team is gearing up for what will be a very busy conference season. Prosper Marketplace CEO Aaron Vermut, President Ron Suber, Chief Business Officer Itzik Cohen and EVP of Capital Markets Eric Thaller will be presenting at some of the industry’s key events about the present and future of marketplace lending.

The industry is at a turning point right now—more and more people are turning to marketplace lending as a way of quickly and affordably getting funds for important life decisions. At the upcoming events, Prosper Marketplace will be discussing how this market will continue to grow, how alternative lending and the asset class will evolve, and how companies can continue to better serve customers and help them improve their financial well-being.

Here is a list of upcoming conferences. We hope to see you there!

LendIt Europe
October 20-21, London
Speaker: Aaron Vermut – keynote

October 25-28, Las Vegas
Speaker: Aaron Vermut

Alternative Investments Conference
October 27-28, Miami
Speaker: Eric Thaller

Investor’s Conference on Marketplace Lending
October 29, New York City
Speaker: Ron Suber – keynote

AltFi Global Summit
November 2, New York City
Speaker: Aaron Vermut – keynote

Credit Suisse Emerging Market Leadership Forum
November 3-4, San Francisco
Speaker: Aaron Vermut

Marketplace Lending + Investing
November 4-5, New York City
Speaker: Itzik Cohen

November 5, Palm Desert, Calif.
Speaker: Ron Suber

Citi Financial Technology Conference
November 10, New York City
Speaker: Ron Suber

UBS Global Tech Conference
November 16-18, Sausalito, Calif.
Speaker: Ron Suber

Global Indexing & ETFs
December 6-8, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Speaker: Eric Thaller

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