2022 Tax Guide for Prosper Investors

It’s tax season, and to help Prosper retail investors navigate the process, we’ve created the 2022 Prosper Tax Guide. This guide has general information about the 1099 tax form(s) you may receive from Prosper.

To access the Prosper Investor Guide for 2022, click here.

If you’re a retail investor who holds Notes from Prosper, here’s what you need to know:

  • In connection with your investment through Prosper, you may receive the following forms for the 2022 calendar year:
    • 1099-OID: Net accrued interest of $10 or more received in 2022
    • 1099-MISC: Other income (such as late fees) of $600 or more received in 2022
    • 1099-B: Gross proceeds from sales or recoveries received in 2022 from Notes corresponding to loans charged-off in 2022 or prior years.

These 1099 tax statement(s) will be available in your Prosper account as follows:

  • 1099-OID will be available by January 31, 2023
  • 1099-MISC and 1099-B will be available by February 15, 2023

Please note, it is your responsibility to check your account and review all information provided before filing your tax return.

Prosper does not provide tax, financial or legal advice and neither this post nor Prosper’s tax guide is intended to be tax, financial or legal advice. We recommend that you consult with your financial or tax advisor if you have any questions. The IRS also provides guidance on the back of the 1099 tax form(s) designed to describe what is reported in each box on the form and where the amount may be reported on an income tax return.

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