Email Security

Ensuring that Prosper is private and safe is our highest priority. Some fraudsters and identity thieves send emails that look like they are from a company you know and trust, asking for personal information. These are known as “spoof” emails.


To help you determine the difference between email sent by Prosper and spoof email, Prosper includes some of your account information in each of the emails that we send to you. This information includes the first and last name you registered on your Prosper account, along with your Prosper screen name.

Why does Prosper include my name and screen name in email?

Since people who send spoof email often don’t have your first and last name as well as your Prosper screen name, receiving an email that contains this information should increase your confidence that the email was sent by Prosper.


There may still be cases where spoof emails could contain your first and last name as well as your Prosper screen name, so seeing this information isn’t a foolproof indicator that Prosper sent an email. However, if this information in not included, you should be extra cautious about responding to the message in the email.

How can I be sure that an email I’ve received is from Prosper?

There are two ways you can determine that an email you’ve received is from Prosper:

  1. The email contains your first name, last name, and Prosper screen name in the body of the email.
  2. Links within the email take you to a page that starts with or

You should never sign in using your Prosper credentials on a site which does not have a URL starting with