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FOLIO Investing provides an alternative trading marketplace (aka ATS) which allows owners of Notes issued by Prosper Funding LLC or Prosper Marketplace, Inc. to offer those Notes for sale to other Prosper members. To access the ATS, you must open a brokerage account with FOLIO Investing. The brokerage account that you open with Folio will not hold Notes or money on your behalf except on the day you conduct a transaction on the ATS, and will return any money or Notes that you acquire through the transaction to your Prosper account prior to the close of business on the day of the transaction.

FOLIO Investing charges 1% of the face amount of a Note as a transaction fee for providing the ATS service. Prosper pays FOLIO Investing a fixed monthly fee in any month that the Note transaction fees collected do not meet a mutually agreed upon minimum amount.

Further information about the Note trading platform and the risks relating to the Notes is available here.

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Note from FOLIO Investing:

FOLIO Investing does not endorse, review, recommend or approve Prosper’s web site, Notes issued by Prosper Funding LLC or Prosper Marketplace, Inc. or Prosper borrowers, and has no role in the origination of a Prosper loan or the issuance of any such Note. All information about Notes issued by Prosper Funding LLC or Prosper Marketplace, Inc. comes from Prosper, and is published as received by FOLIO Investing without review. When a Note is posted for sale on the ATS, the borrower’s Credit Score has been pulled within a month of the posting date, but all other information is as of the date the listing for the loan underlying the Note was posted on Prosper’s platform. The payment history on the Note is likely the only other information you will have when making an investment decision about whether to purchase the Note through the ATS. All Notes are extremely high risk investments and are only appropriate as a speculative transaction. Because the Notes were not available to residents of all states when issued, FOLIO Investing limits accounts opened at to residents of states where the Notes have the status of registered securities with the applicable state securities authority. You cannot purchase, sell or hold other Notes in any account you have with FOLIO Investing at

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