Prosper Marketplace, Inc.
NMLS ID: 111473

Main Corporate Office:
221 Main Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105

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Other state licenses held by Prosper Marketplace, Inc.:

StateLicense heldLicense number
AlabamaMortgage Brokers License22544
ArizonaCollection Agency LicenseCA-0921742
ArizonaMortgage Banker LicenseBK-0949818
ArizonaMortgage Banker Branch LicenseBKBR-0124554
ArizonaConsumer Lender LicenseCL-0947986
ArkansasCollection Agency License4602
CaliforniaFinance Lender License605-3227
ColoradoSupervised Lender License989214
ColoradoMortgage Company Registration111473
ConnecticutSmall Loan Company LicenseSLC-111473
DelawareBroker License 026424
Florida Consumer Finance LicenseCF-0900228
IdahoRegulated Lender LicenseRRL-5106
IdahoCollection Agency LicenseCCA-8913
IllinoisResidential Mortgage LicenseMB.6761346
KansasSupervised Loan License#SL.0000382
KansasCredit Notification LicenseNOT.0006589
KentuckyMortgage Broker LicenseMB419111
LouisianaCollection Agency License40921475I
MaineSupervised Lender License111473
Maryland Collection Agency Exemption34-20
MassachusettsThird Party Loan Servicer RegistrationLS111473
MichiganRegulatory Loan LicenseRL-0012605
MontanaConsumer Loan LicenseCL.0001008
New JerseyRegistered Collection Agency Bond11531
New Mexico Collection Agency License1595
New Mexico Mortgage Loan Company License111473
North DakotaMoney Broker LicenseMB103100
North DakotaCollection Agency LicenseCA103250
New HampshireSmall Loan Lender License21684-SM
OklahomaSupervised Lender LicenseSL006678
OregonConsumer Finance Act License0329-001-C
OregonCollection Agency LicenseCA49910
OregonMortgage Lending License ML-5732
PennsylvaniaConsumer Discount Company License59504
PennsylvaniaMortgage Broker License66634
Rhode Island Debt Collector Registration20122891DC
South DakotaMoney Lender LicenseMYL.3303
TexasRegulated Loan License47698
TexasThird Party Debt Collector Filing20130216
TexasSML Mortgage Company License 111473
UtahConsumer Credit NotificationN/A
UtahForeign Collection Agency Registration6020211-0131
VermontLender License6816
VermontLoan Solicitation LicenseLSO-111473
VermontMortgage Broker1442 MB
WashingtonCollection Agency License602540534
West VirginiaCollection Agency License2289-4766
WisconsinConsumer Act Registration51500
WisconsinMortgage Broker License111473BR
WyomingSupervised Lender LicenseSL-2462

Prosper Funding, LLC

Main Corporate Office:
221 Main Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94105

StateLicense heldLicense number
ArizonaCollection Agency LicenseCA-0948293
ConnecticutSmall Loan Company LicenseSLC-1398502
KansasSupervised Loan LicenseSL.0026431
KansasCredit Notification LicenseNOT.0025897
MaineSupervised Lender License1398502
New HampshireSmall Loan Lender License21438-SM
North DakotaMoney Broker LicenseMB103101
PennsylvaniaConsumer Discount Company License59737
VermontLender License6822


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Residential Mortgage Loan Company: Prosper Marketplace, Inc
NMLS ID: 111473

Consumers wishing to file a complaint against a mortgage banker or a licensed mortgage banker residential mortgage loan originator should complete, sign and send a complaint form to the Texas Department of Consumers wishing to file a complaint against a mortgage banker or a Savings and Mortgage Lending, 2601 North Lamar, Suite 201, Austin, Texas 78705. Complaint forms and instructions may be downloaded and printed from the department’s website at A toll-free consumer hotline is available at 1-877-276-5550.

The department maintains a recovery fund to make payments of certain actual out of pocket damages sustained by borrowers caused by acts of licensed mortgage banker residential mortgage loan originators. A written application for reimbursement from the recovery fund must be filed with and investigated by the department prior to the payment of a claim. For more information about the recovery fund, please consult the department’s web site at