Prosper Performance Update: March 2018

Today we are sharing performance data from the Prosper portfolio for March 2018.

While the credit tightening theme we highlighted in February continues in the riskier grades, a slight downward shift in the AA portion of the book resulted in 53.5% of assets being rated AA-B in March vs. 56.1% in February 2018. In 2017 Q4 AA-B comprised 49.5% of originations.

Highlights from the March report include:

  • The shift in AA volume helped contribute to original WA Borrower Rate on the portfolio increasing 46 bps from the February level. Additionally, WA FICO decreased slightly in March to 716 vs.719 in the prior month.
  • On March 21, the same day that the Fed raised rates, Prosper announced a pricing increase which is not fully reflected in the March monthly numbers. Prosper is closely monitoring market interest rates and will continue to take steps to maintain a balanced and sustainable marketplace that is equally appealing to both borrowers and investors.
Portfolio insights and key charts can be found here

As always, the Prosper Performance Updates are designed to help our investor community better understand performance trends and to provide important insights into the trends we are seeing and the information needed to invest through the Prosper platform.

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