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Offers to Obtain a Loan Off-site or Modify Loan Terms

Prosper prohibits email offers between members to borrow or lend money outside of the Prosper web site or in modified loan terms. Offers of this nature circumvent Prosper's fee structure, may violate state or federal consumer protection laws, and are a potential fraud risk for both borrowers and lenders.

Some examples of off-site loan offers include:

  • Using information obtained through Prosper to offer to borrow money from a lender outside of Prosper
  • Canceling a listing to have a lender make a loan to a borrower learned of through Prosper
  • Offering to borrow additional money above and beyond the current loan arrangement from lenders off-site
  • Offering to pay lenders additional interest or other compensation (in the form of cash or other things of value) above and beyond the interest rate stated on the listing page

If you would like to report a member who is attempting to borrow or lend money outside of Prosper, please contact customer support.