API (new)

Prosper’s new API has key improvements and benefits for Prosper’s lenders. Key improvements and benefits for lenders through the new API:

  • Expanded access to credit profile data points. The new API offers more than 475 credit bureau variables and more than 550 data points in total.
  • Easy access to Notes, with a more comprehensive breakdown of principal, interest and other fees.
  • Details down to the individual Note level, including specifics about payments and reason for default.
  • Improved filtering and querying that make it easier to use specific criteria to search for Notes. For example, only C rated Notes less than $10,000.
  • For lenders that want to build their own tools, they now have access to the data through a RESTful interface.
  • The RESTful interface of the API supports OData filter query operations.
  • Unique login credentials for API users restricted to reviewing and investing funds only. This means no access to bank information or account settings so you can keep your API tools separate from your Prosper account.

How to access the API:

If you are a lender with Prosper, and are interested in learning more about the API please visit the Api Documentation Page. Obtain access through your account settings right now.

All API Services are subject to the API Terms of Use.