Group Member Selection

Prosper is an inclusive credit marketplace that fully supports and promotes equal credit opportunity for all people, regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, military status or source of income. Because people access Prosper through your group, group membership criteria cannot exclude anyone in these protected classifications. You can use criteria to include people in these protected areas, but not to exclude them. Your criteria must also adhere to the Prosper Policies that apply to all Prosper users as well as group leaders.

Group leaders may not obtain or use a credit report, require prospective members to provide a credit report, or to provide authorization to obtain a credit report, as a condition to group membership. Group leaders who want to use creditworthiness as criteria for membership should use the individual’s self-evaluation of their credit grade, in order to avoid running afoul of state and federal credit reporting statutes or restrictions on loan solicitation. When a borrower creates a listing, Prosper obtains their credit report and determines their credit grade, which is displayed in the listing. That is the only credit grade relevant to lenders investing in listings on Prosper.

As long as your criteria meets these standards, you can use any lawful criteria you desire.