Employee Use of Prosper

Prosper Funding LLC (“Prosper”) or Prosper Marketplace, Inc. (“PMI”) employees (collectively, “Prosper Employees”), who participate as borrowers, lenders, or group leaders on the Prosper website are subject to all the fees and policies for using Prosper’s services. In addition:

  • Any offers to borrow or lend money by a Prosper Employee are made on the Prosper Employee’s own personal behalf, and not on behalf of Prosper or PMI.
  • Prosper Employees must use a personal, non-company email address, telephone number, and physical address to conduct business.
  • Prosper Employees may not use information which is not available publicly on the website when making decisions about borrowing, lending, or group leadership.

Violations of this policy by Prosper Employees may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Account suspension;
  • Account closure; and/or
  • Termination of employment.