Communicating with Prosper Members

Prosper values open, honest communications to ensure the health and transparency of the marketplace. Communications among members should be courteous, respectful, and adhere to the policies outlined below.

The following activities are not permitted on Prosper:

  • Prosper does not permit direct communication between borrowers and lenders regarding a specific loan listing or loan.
  • Spam is not allowed on Prosper. Spam is defined as unsolicited bulk messages, whether by email or other electronic means, sent without the recipient’s permission. A message is spam if the message is either unsolicited or sent in bulk. The content of the message is not relevant to a determination of whether the message is considered spam; if a message is sent unsolicited or in bulk then the message will be considered spam. A Prosper member’s permission to receive emails from other members shall not be deemed permission to receive bulk emails from other members.
  • Prosper members may not solicit or seek to persuade any member of a Prosper group to leave their group or to join a different group for any reason.
  • Harassing or abusive messages and threats of physical harm are not allowed. This includes the use of language that is vulgar, racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature. Also prohibited are member-to-member threats of physical harm.
  • Prosper members may not use Prosper’s messaging system for any purpose which is not directly related to borrowing, lending, or leading a group on Prosper.
  • Including another individual’s personally identifying information including real name, address, phone, email address, identification numbers, and/or financial information in a message for the purpose of identifying them to others.

If you receive a message of this kind via any method, including phone or email, please forward it to customer support immediately and do not respond to the sender. For messages received through the Prosper messaging system, you can use the “Report abuse” link to report abusive behavior.

Failure to follow this Communicating with Prosper Members policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Warning
  • Suspension from participation
  • Cancelling of listings
  • Closing of group
  • Suspension of Prosper account