Get a Friends and Family Loan

The loan you need with help from friends and family

At Prosper, we make borrowing from friends and family worry-free. We understand that applying for a personal loan from a bank can be a difficult chore. By joining Prosper, you can create a listing to request a loan, then invite your friends and family to join as lenders so they can assist you by bidding on your listing. You get the money you need, and we manage all of the details. Your payments can be automatically deducted from your bank account every month at no additional charge. Best of all, there are no pre-payment penalties and no hidden fees.

All Prosper loan transactions are entirely online, so you can securely check the progress of your loan anywhere you can access the Internet.

Use Prosper for friends and family borrowing without the awkwardness

Often, loans among friends or relatives can lead to awkward situations if payment deadlines are missed due to miscommunication. Prosper can help eliminate any uncomfortable conversations, since your friends and family can check the status of your repayments any time on the Prosper site. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax while fixed monthly payments are automatically distributed back to your loved ones.

Prosper is the perfect forum for family members to loan you money. There’s no cost to post a listing, or for your friend or family member to become a lender. Depending on your qualifications, you may be able to borrow up to $25,000.

Use your friends and family loan to:

  • Consolidate debt
  • Buy a new car
  • Fix up your home
  • Engagement rings and weddings
  • Vacations, gifts and more

When you have great friends and family, you shouldn’t have to struggle through all the hoops of the old way of borrowing. Apply now. It’s fast, easy, and free. The Prosper community marketplace is here to help people just like you.

Does my credit score affect my loan?

Yes. Most lenders will look at your credit history, and Prosper lenders are no exception. If you are sure you have bad credit, you may want to consider improving it before you apply. If you are not sure of your credit score, we can help you find out now, for free, with no obligation.

The Prosper community does not require “perfect credit.” If you have an average to an above average credit rating, one way to expedite your loan funding is to ask another Prosper member (especially a lender) to endorse you. Don’t know any other Prosper members personally? Invite a friend to join.