Debt consolidation can save you thousands

  • FIXED APR from 5.99% - 36%1
  • FIXED monthly payment2
  • NO surprises or hidden fees

Consolidate your credit card debt today

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Watch your savings add up

Here's is an example of how a $10,000 loan through Prosper could save you thousands.3

It's easy to get the money you need

The borrowing experience is a breeze. It's very well thought-out, designed for ‘ease of use’.”
— Jay, Prosper borrower
Thanks to Prosper I was able to pay off several credit cards. The funds were in my account within 4 days.”
— Ruthie, Prosper borrower

You decide how to use your loan

  • Get rid of high-rate balances
  • Make home improvements
  • Cover major expenses
  • Or almost anything else

You could even improve your credit

70% of borrowers who got a loan through Prosper to consolidate their debt saw their FICO score improve by an average of 18 points within two months of obtaining their loan.4


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