Finding Bank Routing and Account Numbers

bank routing number

You can find the bank routing number and your checking account number within the string of numbers located at the bottom of one of your checks. Make sure you are using a check and not a deposit slip, since the numbers may not be the same. The numbers at the bottom of your check include a 9-digit bank routing number, your account number and the check number.

Routing number

If you have a check handy, the first 9 numbers from the left at the bottom of your check are your bank routing number. This number is always 9 digits, and appears between the routing number location symbols.

If you don’t have a check handy, you can call your bank to get your routing number, or it may be available online.

Account number

The account number is the number before the account number location symbols on your check or deposit slip. It is typically found between the routing number and the check number.

If your account number is not clearly recognizable, you can identify it because it is the series of numbers which does not match the check number of the check that you are looking at.