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Prosper: 100% Transparency for a Better Market

Why Financial Transparency Is Important

At Prosper, we feel you are the best person for assessing your own personal risk vs. reward ratio for healthy returns. But to do this, you need the right data presented in the right manner. That’s where we come in.

We’ve always been strong advocates of financial transparency. We're striving to kick off a new era in prudent financial planning—one that helps both you and the market thrive.

Our Core Values at Prosper

We feel that access to open, unbiased financial data is essential to a healthy market. One only needs to look at what happened under the broken system of opaque transactions and outright secrecy to realize that method doesn't work long term. Prosper takes a bold new approach: We show you everything—the good and the bad. With this wealth of financial advisory information, you'll be able to make better decisions regarding your own investment comfort level.
A wealth of information will do you little good, however, if it's presented in a confusing manner. To further aid you, we explain your potential rewards (and yes, risks as well) in a clear, upfront manner for the effective alternative investment management you're seeking. Whether you're a registered investment advisor or just starting to explore investing, we give you the straight, plain-English information you need.
By using the data we provide on our borrowers, you're empowered to make the choices you feel are right—from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Prosper holds no stake in which investments you choose (or the way you dress) while on our marketplace. You’re free to make your investment selections individually, or use Quick Invest to find a bunch of loans that meet your criteria. When you use Quick Invest, you still have the control to review individual loans in your order, or modify your criteria.
Investing carries risks, and peer-to-peer investing is no exception. However, Prosper remains extremely proactive against fraud and takes immediate action should any occurrence happen within our community. This includes helping authorities track down those who default on loans, while securely and staunchly protecting the privacy of all our members.
Prosper provides you with more than investment opportunities. Many of our members enjoy the strong social component that comes with helping others in our community marketplace. We talk to one another, sharing our ideas and hopes for a better financial future.

Come join our growing community and learn more.

How Does Prosper Work?

Investors create an account, set their parameters, and purchase Prosper Notes. Each Prosper Note corresponds to a listing which sets forth the relevant details about the loan, including loan amount, Note rate, yield percentage, and borrower information. Any payment from a Prosper Note is dependent on the payments Prosper receives on the corresponding loan.

The Notes that correspond to specific borrower listings are offered by prospectus. Investors should read the complete description of the Notes and risks associated with making an investment in the Notes as well as other information about the Prosper model in the prospectus.

Prosper Notes are risk bearing and speculative investments for suitable investors only. If a borrower fails to make payments on the corresponding borrower loan related to your Prosper Note, you will not receive payments on your Note. There is the potential that you will not receive any payments on a Prosper Note. You should review the prospectus before investing through Prosper. Not FDIC-insured. Notes may lose value. No Prosper or bank guarantee.