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Why Invest with Prosper?

Prosper provides investors direct, low cost access to high-yield consumer loans from creditworthy borrowers.
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Competitive Returns

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  • 5.41%
  • 6.03%
  • 9.19%
  • 11.12%
  • 12.47%
  • 11.91%
  • 14.12%
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Seasoned Returns* by Prosper Rating

Power of Diversification

For Notes purchased since July 2009, every Prosper investor with 100 or more Notes has experienced positive returns. 100 Notes can be obtained with an investment of just $2,500.

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100 Notes = 100% Positive Returns

Monthly Cash Flow from Consumer Loans

Prosper flow
Prosper finds
creditworthy borrowers
You invest in a
portfolio of loans
Borrowers make scheduled payments and
Prosper deposits them into your account

What We Offer

  • Investments in personal loans from qualified borrowers, as little as $25 per Note
  • Capability to build high-yield income ladders with 3- and 5-year Notes
  • Flexibility to diversify across credit grades and estimated yields
  • Experienced credit risk management
What role can Prosper play in your investment strategy?
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