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Have Money - Will Bid

This group is primarily to help people consolidate high interest rate credit cards and/or get out from under the very high rate "pay day" loans.

I have been married to a wonderful, supportive, extraordinary man for 18 years and together we are committed to rebuilding our credit and am seeking assistance from the angels at Prosper for this chance.  Unfortunately we have been in the tornado of Pay Day loans trying to catch up past due bills.  We are Christians committed to getting back on the road to financial recovery and building our credit score back to an excellent number, like it used to be. In March of 2005, the family-owned company I had worked for as an office manager for 13 years sold out to a large corporation and thus my position was eliminated due to corporate restructuring.  After being unemployed for five (5) weeks, I worked at two (2) other jobs for considerably less wages then what I was earning and then was offered a management position with my current employer who was seeking a long-term Christian employee to help organize his business and manage his employees.  I love working for him and he appreciates my performance.  I have worked for him since December 2005 and have no plans of leaving.  We both have long term goals.  The same year my husband lost his technician position of 17 years due to a corporate downsizing in September of 2005.  He will be at his current job one (1) year the end of April.  2005 was a terrible year for us but we are determined to dig ourselves out of this financial situation. 

The loan proceeds would be used to catch up our past due bills and rid ourselves of Pay Day loans

All we are asking for is a chance to prove ourselves and work on obtaining our goals of being financially independent.  Once we achieve this level, we would be able to help others that are in our current distressful financial situation, to gain financial independence and hopefully keep this cycle "PAYING FORWARD".   Thank you for your conside

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