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People-to-People Lending for a Good Cause

Another Private Money Lending Success Story from Prosper

Msteele425, Florida
Loans: 75*, Total amount: $4,130*
Member Since: 02/2007

People-to-People Lending: What a Brilliant Idea!

When Michelle first came across Prosper on CNBC, she immediately thought people-to-people lending was a brilliant idea. The ability to help someone, "buy a house, start a business�it's great," says Michelle.

The Ease of People-to-People Lending

Michelle became a Prosper lender after filling out one form online and transferring funds that same evening. "The next day I was already bidding," she says. As a Prosper lender, Michelle decides to whom she should commit her funds and at what rate and, "is still getting better rates than any bank or CD."

People-to-People Lending Gives Impressive Returns

Michelle joined Prosper and bid $500 on borrower listings and immediately followed that up with another $500. Within a few months she had committed $2,000 of her funds and today holds loans totaling about $4,000 to 75 different people.*

(*as of 05/2008)


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