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Prosper Member Bids on Loans That Reflect His Own Values

"I'm not sure I want to fund someone's vacation, but debt consolidation is something I support and I'm glad to help."
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Personal Loan for Small Business Keeps Fashion Studio Fluid

"It was amazing. I posted the loan, and almost immediately,
I had 8 bids."
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Personal Loans for Home Improvement

When Kent wanted to make some home improvements,
he turned again to Prosper—but this time a borrower.
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People-to-People Lending: Doing Good Things and Making Money

"It's empowering to know that you can help people out and make
money like banks do at the same time," Robert says.
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People-to-People Lending is an Easy Process

"It's basically like an eBay thing, you place bids on different
loans—it's as simple as that."
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People-to-People Lending for a Good Cause

The ability to help someone, "buy a house, start a business—
it's great," says Michelle.
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People-to-People Lending: a Chance to Give Back

Alan was attracted to Prosper because it was an attractive
financial opportunity, and a unique place for him to give back.
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