#MyProsperStory: Q&A With Prosper Investor Scott Langmack

Scott Langmack is the Founder and Managing Partner of Incline Fund Management LLC, the first investment firm in the marketplace lending industry. The strategy has since been ranked #1 in the fixed income industry by BarclayHedge. We reached out to learn more about Incline and Scott’s experience working with Prosper. Here’s what he had to […]

#MyProsperStory: Father’s Day Edition

Dads are often the heroes in their children’s lives. They slay the dragon under the bed, coach the little league team and serve as our confidant when times get tough. This Father’s Day, we at Prosper, want to salute all the dads out there that have an “S” on their chest, by sharing a few […]

#MyProsperStory Q&A with Prosper Investor: Abeer Agrawal

Abeer Agrawal is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Theorem, an investment management firm that invests in marketplace lending loans. Theorem collects marketplace lending loan data and invests in Prosper loans on behalf of clients. We reached out to learn more about Theorem and Abeer’s experience working with Prosper Chief Technology Officer isn’t always […]

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Managing Home Improvement Expenses

Home Improvement

Spring is a time of new beginnings; so it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular season for home improvement and home repair projects. Recently Prosper Marketplace partnered with Home Advisor to give millions of U.S homeowners access to a smart, transparent financing option for home improvement projects. To celebrate this exciting partnership, we’re sharing two […]

Marketplace Lending Association Launch

Today, I’m excited to share that Prosper Marketplace has partnered with Lending Club and Funding Circle to launch the Marketplace Lending Association (MLA), a U.S. non-profit membership organization created to promote responsible business practices and sound public policy to benefit borrowers and investors. Now is a critical time for online credit marketplaces. While marketplace lending […]

#MyProsperStory Q&A with Prosper Investor: Thomas Cloud


Thomas Cloud, Jr. is president of Eleven Two Fund Management (ETFM), a certified financial planner (CFP), member of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) and an investor on Prosper’s marketplace lending platform. ETFM is a holistic, fee-only financial planning firm that works primarily with retirees and pre-retirees. The firm acts as a fiduciary and offers its […]

Prosper Unveils Prosper Daily, Its First Mobile App

Today we are excited to announce our first mobile app, Prosper Daily. The free Prosper Daily app is designed to give consumers a powerful suite of tools to make smarter financial decisions, including viewing all their financial accounts in one place, budgeting and tracking spending by category, identifying questionable charges, and monitoring their free credit […]

#MyProsperStory Q&A with Prosper Investor: Val Katayev


Val Katayev (@ValKatayev) is an entrepreneur, investor and founder of several successful startups in the digital, media, mobile, music and data segments. He is one of the earliest investors on the Prosper lending platform. We reached out to learn about Val’s experience. Here’s what he had to say: Q: How did you first discover marketplace […]