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Protect Finances this Holiday Season for Free with BillGuard

Back in September we announced that BillGuard would be acquired by Prosper Marketplace. If the courtship and honeymoon are telling of the magic this marriage is going to produce, we’re on to something really special here.

In the past two months, almost all the BillGuard team has spent quality time in Prosper’s gorgeous San Francisco office, meeting and working with our new extended family. We’ve been so graciously welcomed. Everyone at Prosper even got a copy of Startup Nation to read up on the innovation engine that is now part of our newly global Prosper family – 600 strong and growing (join us!). Meanwhile, Prosper has surpassed $5 billion in originations.

Thanks. Giving Time!

We knew that combining the two companies could take BillGuard to a whole new level of value for users. Being able to say thanks for getting us here and to share in the benefits of the merger with our users – especially during this holiday season – makes it all the more special.

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a new version of BillGuard that will make our most popular premium features free for all users! That means:

  • Free Unlimited Card Monitoring – Our free version was previously limited to monitoring just one credit or debit card. As of today, you can monitor an unlimited number of cards with our award-winning analytics and card protection, free!
  • Free Credit Scores – You can now track your TransUnion credit score absolutely free in BillGuard, with no credit card required. Financial well-being requires being on top of not just your money, but also your credit. This update is just the beginning of exciting new ways BillGuard will make you a credit master.

What happens to BillGuard Pro and Ultimate?

BillGuard Pro is being retired, and as a gift to all our loyal Pro customers, you will be automatically upgraded to BillGuard Ultimate at no additional cost. Just open BillGuard and set up your additional Ultimate features like 3-Bureau credit monitoring, Black Market Surveillance and SSN Fraud Alerts. No extra charge or extended subscription required. For more details, check out our help page.

In the months ahead we will be releasing our initial BillGuard-Prosper product integrations which will take BillGuard to a whole new level of financial control and well-being. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Happy holidays!


GM Personal Finance, Prosper Marketplace

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