#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Managing Home Improvement Expenses

Spring is a time of new beginnings; so it’s no surprise that it’s also a popular season for home improvement and home repair projects.

Recently Prosper Marketplace partnered with Home Advisor to give millions of U.S homeowners access to a smart, transparent financing option for home improvement projects. To celebrate this exciting partnership, we’re sharing two great #MyProsperStory videos that demonstrate how a loan through Prosper can go beyond just helping customers to renovate, repair and maintain their homes. 

Kelli’s #MyProsperStory is about helping family stay together.

When Kell’s mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Kelli was determined to provide full-time care for her mother in the comfort of her own home. But, with 4 children of her own, Kelly struggled to find the room.

With no choice but to undertake an expensive (and unexpected) home improvement project, Kelli used a loan through Prosper to turn a rundown basement into a comfortable one-bedroom apartment. 

Carly’s #MyProsperStory is about dealing with unexpected new home expenses.

In 2007 Carly purchased her dream house: an old home with character and charm.

Unfortunately, Carly admits the house quickly became less charming when it became a “money pit.” The leaky sink led to a leaky roof. Then the basement started leaking. And that was only the beginning. Soon, she had to replace the furnace and rewire parts of the house. The bills started to accumulate.

According to Carly, “Of the thousands of things that could go wrong in a house, a great many things did go wrong in my house.” Carly found herself struggling with debt.  She used a loan through Prosper make the necessary (and costly) home repair projects more manageable.

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Get the latest news & trends delivered to your inbox.