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#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Mother’s Day Edition

Let’s face it, motherhood isn’t easy. It’s a constant juggling act making sure lunches are made, homework is done and kids are safely carted from one after school activity to another. And raising little ones is certainly more of a challenge when you’re a single parent.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Prosper Marketplace wants to salute all the hard working moms (single or coupled) who balance the household budget while keeping a smile on their face, a roof over our heads, and great home cook meals in our bellies.

Check out a few heartwarming stories from some of our mommy borrowers who have gone great lengths to finish school, keep balance in their families, and throw one hell of a birthday party in Mexico.

Kristina’s #MyProsperStory is about commitment to education

Mother of three, Kristina Creighton, went to great lengths to finish her education. Not only did she move clear across Nebraska to a new town to go back to school, but she continued her studies while raising her children on her own while going through a divorce.

When Kristina finally finished her studies, she was faced with loans and did not have a clear path to financial freedom. Luckily, she ended up taking out a loan through Prosper which enabled her to consolidate her debt and pay back her loans on time.

Stacy’s #MyProsperStory is about the importance of finding a balance

Single mom, Stacie LaVigne went from working full-time, commuting 90 miles a day, and managing lots of credit card debt (at one point, juggling 15 credit card payments per month), to now being able to work less hours and attend her son’s soccer matches.

Stacy says she owes much of her now balanced life, to consolidating her debt through Prosper. Now her struggle with finances is no more, and the stress of everyday life is much easier.

Yamilet’s #MyProsperStory is about making memories with family

 Yamilet wanted to do something really special for her daughter’s 15th birthday. The young Floridian mom of three wanted to take her family on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to Mexico. Yamilet felt that her daughter had earned the trip because she helps out a lot at home, assisting her mom with her siblings who have special needs, while juggling the busy life of a teenager.

“She has been a great help to me,” said Roman. Within days of applying for a Prosper loan, Yamilet’s dream came true and she had the funds to purchase the Mexican vacation. “She was shocked and surprised when she knew that her birthday party was going to be on cruise…thanks Prosper.”

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