#MyProsperStory: Father’s Day Edition

Dads are often the heroes in their children’s lives. They slay the dragon under the bed, coach the little league team and serve as our confidant when times get tough.

This Father’s Day, we at Prosper, want to salute all the dads out there that have an “S” on their chest, by sharing a few heartfelt #MyProsperStories that show just how amazing dads can be!

Mike’s #MyProsperStory is about taking advice from smart kids

Mikel “Mike” Chase has a very smart son. In a rather hilarious, self-deprecating video, the Portland, Oregon dad and his son Fritz, talk about how obtaining a loan through Prosper was the smartest thing that Mike ever did.

“Your life has been one financial screw-up after another, but you did do one thing right,” says the eight-year-old Fritz. “Now the power of compounded interest is working for you instead of the credit card company. Genius.”

We think so too. Thanks Fritz for the sound advice!


Marco’s #MyProsperStory is about making fairy tales come true

Some fairytales are real. That was definitely the case for husband and dad, Marco Encisco. Cuddling with his adorable daughter, Marco’s #MyProsperStory recounts his struggles with creditors aka “the dragon” and how a magical fairy named “Prosper” came to the rescue when times were tough.

Marco took a loan through Prosper to scare off the dragon and take control of the family’s finances.


Ben’s #MyProsperStory is about taking the bull by the horns

After sending out countless resumes and getting no where, Ben Jensen decided to take the bull by the horns and go into business for himself. After receiving a personal loan through Prosper, the young father of three started an online clothing store.

“After a quick and painless application process we got our funding and we were finally ready to go,” explained Jensen. Turning his unfinished basement into store headquarters, the Utah native now manages all the operations from there.


All loans are obtained through Prosper and made by WebBank

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