Introducing the Prosper Invest Mobile App

With the new Prosper Invest Mobile app, investors can adjust their investment portfolio, transfer funds and check returns.

Prosper is excited to announce the launch of the Prosper Invest mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android, the app lets Prosper’s individual investors now manage their account from their mobile device – from adjusting their investment portfolio, to transferring and allocating funds, to checking their returns.

The Prosper Invest mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also download by visiting

Using Prosper Invest, investors can now easily manage their investment accounts on-the-go:

  • Set up, review, and adjust target portfolio allocations using the Prosper Auto Invest tool
  • Add cash to a Prosper investment account in one-time, weekly or monthly increments
  • Monitor and manage portfolio performance, as well as see historical return information for the Prosper portfolio

Prosper was founded with the idea that investing in people could be financially and socially rewarding. In addition to key account management features, one of the unique features of the Prosper Invest app is the opportunity to see how each investment impacts someone’s life. With the “My Impact” feature, investors get a closer look at how their investments in Prosper loans have helped people across the country do things like consolidate debt or make home improvements. The app also features stories from Prosper customers who share how a loan through Prosper has helped them get control of their finances.

With the “My Impact” feature, investors can see how their investments in Prosper loans have helped people

We hope that investors love our new app. We’re committed to creating a safe and secure app for our investors, which includes using the latest security features. We’ll continue to make updates to the app based on feedback we receive from our investor community. As always, we appreciate hearing from you! Please send us your thoughts at 

Prosper to Launch New Digital HELOC Product

Prosper recently announced  it will launch a new digital Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) product in 2019. The introduction of Prosper’s new HELOC offering marks another milestone for the company, which launched in 2005 at the first peer-to-peer lending company, with more than $13 billion in personal loans originated through its platform to date.

Applying for and obtaining a HELOC has historically been a difficult and lengthy process, leaving many consumers frustrated. According to a TransUnion study*, as home values rise, more and more people will be looking at a HELOC as a potential option for accessing credit. The study reported that an estimated 10 million consumers will take out HELOCs between 2018 and 2022, which would be more than double the number originated from 2012-2016.

Beginning in early 2019, Prosper will be partnering with banks to dramatically improve the HELOC application process and reduce the time from application to closing.  Banks will also have the opportunity to significantly grow their HELOC footprint by gaining access to Prosper’s national customer base, proprietary technology and marketing expertise.

Using Prosper’s simple, easy-to-use process, customers will be able to complete an online application within minutes, receive an instant HELOC prequalification offer, and save weeks versus the traditional process. HELOCs originated through Prosper will have no origination fee and offer the same competitive rates as banks.

“We are taking advantage of our expertise in consumer credit and personal loans to build a product that removes the complexity and time-consuming barriers in applying for a HELOC,” said David Kimball, CEO, Prosper Marketplace.  “For many of our customers, a HELOC could be a better choice for their financial needs and we’re thrilled to be working with our bank partners to render the traditional process obsolete with a new digital HELOC process that is simple, fast and painless.”

To sign up to learn more about Prosper’s HELOC product, visit:

TransUnion HELOC Study, October 24, 2017

Important News About Prosper Daily

Today we are announcing that we’ll be discontinuing the Prosper Daily app as of August 31st. To help our users through this transition, we’ve teamed up with Clarity Money, a personal finance app that offers many of the same features as Prosper Daily.

Since its launch in 2016, Prosper Daily has helped people track their spending, protect their identity and monitor their credit score. We’re incredibly thankful to all of our users and to everyone that has worked with us on Prosper Daily (formerly BillGuard) along the way. 

This decision is part of Prosper’s continuing focus on creating a category-defining experience for borrowers, as well as for investors interested in consumer loans. Prosper continues to see growth and momentum across its business, and our current position of strength gives us the opportunity to further enhance the experience for borrowers and investors.

We believe that mobile will play an important role in this borrowing and investing experience, and we are focusing on a mobile strategy that will uniquely serve our community and complement our consumer loan platform.

As always, the privacy and security of our users is our top priority. Once the app is discontinued, we will no longer have access to users’ financial accounts, and the wind down process will adhere to industry best practices to ensure that users’ personal information remains protected.

Prosper Daily users were notified of the closure today via email and an in-app message.

Prosper Daily subscribers that paid for the entire year will be reimbursed for the outstanding balance. We will be stopping billing as of 7/31, and the pro-rated refund will be credited to your account 5 to 10 business days later. So for example, if someone paid in May 2017 for one year, they received 3 months of service, and would be refunded for 9 months. Those who pay monthly will no longer be charged a monthly fee starting in August. Additional information is available in the Prosper Daily Help Center or by contacting the Prosper customer service team at

Prosper Daily users who would like to transition to the Clarity Money app can click here to download the app. More information about Clarity Money is available in their Help Center

Thank you, again, to everyone who has been part of the Prosper Daily journey!


Prosper Daily’s New Credit Card Optimizer Makes Choosing the Right Card Easier

Since the average American has at least three credit cards and if they’re in debt, pays more than $2,600[i] in interest fees per year, chances are you may not know which card to reach for when you’re at the cash register. The good news is, there’s an app for that.

The team behind the award-winning financial app, Prosper Daily, is excited to announce today the release of Credit Card Optimizer™, a new feature set that aims to solve common and costly credit card mishaps by arming people with timely information including payment reminders, a breakdown of interest bearing balances by card and other contextual advice on how to avoid potential fees.

At the centerpiece of Credit Card Optimizer™ is “Which Card to Use,” a tool that helps people optimize purchases by suggesting which card to use to minimize interest payments or balance card utilization. Other noteworthy features of Credit Card Optimizer™ include:

  • See all your card information in one place: At-a-glance you can review balances, utilization, and statement information for all the cards you connect to the app.
  • Minimize interest payments: View outstanding credit card balances and see a projection of the interest you will incur if you don’t pay off balances.
  • Never miss a payment: Carefully timed push notifications remind you of upcoming minimum payments and due dates.

Credit Card Optimizer™ enriches Prosper Daily’s commitment to helping consumers get on top of their finances by tracking, budgeting and managing their money matters in one place. This new feature is now available in the iOS version of Prosper Daily in the App Store, and the Android release will follow soon.

To learn more about Prosper Daily, visit  

Product Announcement – New retail investor experience

As the needs of investors continue to evolve, two things remain paramount – they want to put their money to work quickly and easily, and see solid returns.  And while historically, Prosper has delivered on the promise of attractive returns, the investment site hasn’t always been the easiest to navigate, that is until now. Today marks a new milestone for us at Prosper. We’re excited to announce the release of our new and improved retail investor experience.  

Built to meet the needs of any investor– newbie or seasoned– Prosper’s mobile-friendly site arms people with more powerful, intuitive tools so they can invest more easily, track portfolio performance and reach fixed-income investing goals.

This release comes at a time when investors are looking for attractive alternatives to the stock market. A recent survey revealed that over 80% of Prosper investors had returns that met or exceeded their expectations [1].

A new cornerstone feature of the platform is Auto Invest, a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that enables our customers to automatically purchase Notes based on their personal investment criteria.

When investors log onto the site for the first time, they’ll immediately notice changes to the visual design. The new features of the retail investor experience include:

  • Account Dashboard: The new at-a-glance account overview makes it easy to see how your portfolio is performing.
  • Auto Invest in Seconds: Once your investment criteria have been saved, Auto Invest will start investing on your behalf with as little as $25 per Note.
  • Portfolio Customization: Use the Auto Invest tool to build your desired portfolio. Pick a target investment mix according to your specified criteria or create your own custom mix.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new experience and look forward to rolling out new enhancements in the future.

Happy Investing.

— Stephen Smyth, Director of Product


[1] Results are based on responses from 357 active retail investors to an e-mail survey sent to 2,600 randomly selected active investors conducted between 5/2/16- 5/19/16. Active Investors are defined as retail investors who have bought a note within the last two months.

Prosper Marketplace Unveils Prosper Daily, Its First Mobile App

Today we are excited to announce our first mobile app, Prosper Daily.

The free Prosper Daily app is designed to give consumers a powerful suite of tools to make smarter financial decisions, including viewing all their financial accounts in one place, budgeting and tracking spending by category, identifying questionable charges, and monitoring their free credit score, which is updated monthly.

“By using Prosper Daily just a few minutes a day, consumers can begin to get on top of their finances” said Aaron Vermut, chief executive officer of Prosper Marketplace. “We’re excited to be the first marketplace lender to offer a financial wellness app to consumers.”

The need for financial wellness tools and guidance is at an all-time high. In fact, our recent Financial Wellness survey revealed that only 38 percent of Americans currently have a financial plan in place.

Prosper Daily is the next evolution of the BillGuard app, which includes enhanced functionality and new design.  As part of this release, BillGuard users will continue as Prosper Daily users. To date, the five-star rated app has flagged over $70 million in unauthorized charges and has more than 1.6 million registered users. As BillGuard, the app won almost every industry award in its category, including being named one of the top banking innovations of all time by Online Banking Report and a Best App of 2014 by Google.

“We’re just getting started with Prosper Daily,” said Itzik Cohen, chief business officer of Prosper Marketplace. “Our goal is to create a new type of personal finance app. We plan to use Prosper’s marketplace innovations in lending and investing to introduce new capabilities in the app that we think will be very meaningful to all of our users.”

Prosper Daily is live and immediately available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about Prosper Daily, visit