#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Cindy W

A loan through Prosper helped Cindy W. and her family consolidate their debt and
take control of their finances

“I’ve lived most of my life paycheck-to-paycheck, always fearful of some catastrophic expense. Debt had become so normalized that I didn’t even blink as I took on more and more. I had my share of credit cards and paid more than the minimums, but never really made headway toward paying them off.

As time has a way of doing, it was slipping away. The kids grew up and left the nest. Grandchildren came into the picture. Retirement started looming closer. I realized that I needed to start seriously evaluating my money. For me, that meant contacting Prosper about a loan.

Now, for the first time in my life, I have no credit card debt. I have a single payment each month to Prosper plus my utilities. I’ve never felt so liberated. I have taken control of my finances. I can now start planning for the wonderful years ahead that I have worked so hard to have—that tiny home that my husband and I are dreaming of, those travel plans to see these great United States. All because I opened an envelope and took the chance to complete an application for a loan through Prosper. It was so easy and I am so grateful.”

The #MyProsperStory contest asked people to share their stories about how a loan through Prosper helped them get on top of their finances.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Daniel K

Daniel K in a photo he submitted with his #MyProsperStory

“#MyProsperStory really starts when I was a young boy standing in front of a judge who wagged his finger in my mother’s face and said, ‘Lady, if you can’t handle this 12-year-old boy, I have a place that can!’

I was a statistic, another latch-key kid of a single mom who worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I quickly learned to become a victim of my circumstance and I was good at it. It took years for me to realize that being a victim was a choice. Once I did learn that, I was determined to make choices that would change the course of my life for the better.

Those choices led me to take my first college class at age 33. Three degrees later and after 13 years as an educator, I am honored to serve my community as a middle school principal, the one place where I struggled most in life.

This journey was not an easy one and along the way I incurred debt. This is where Prosper saved the day with access to a debt consolidation loan. I was able to pay off high rate credit cards. The loan through Prosper not only lowered the amount I was paying out every month, but also reduced the payoff timeline to a fraction of what it would have taken by paying the monthly minimum to the credit card companies. Another amazing benefit is that my credit score immediately increased.

I am a lifelong learner, and the experiences of my past play an integral part in guiding young people to the understanding that they get to write the story of their life. My experience with Prosper has taught me that I have the ability to guide my financial future. It took a shift in my perspective to take control of my destiny, and it took Prosper to help me take control of my finances.”

The #MyProsperStory contest asked people to share their stories about how a loan through Prosper helped them get on top of their finances.

The Winners of the 2017 #MyProsperStory Contest

Three years ago, we introduced the #MyProsperStory as a way to get to know our community, and better understand how Prosper.com can positively impact financial wellness.

This year the response from the Prosper community was overwhelming! We received thousands of incredible stories of people using a loan through Prosper.com to get on top of their finances, overcome unexpected obstacles, and even turn dreams into realities.

We read every story and once again, there was an important prevailing theme – money doesn’t have to control you; you can take control of your finances.

Thank you for sharing your #MyProsperStory and for being a part of the Prosper community! Your stories inspire us.

The votes have been tallied and the winners of the 2017 #MyProsperStory contest are:

Grand Prize Winner: Paezle T.

In October of 2014, Grant and I reunited after 2 decades!! We ran into each other at a bank, of all places! We were inseparable from that day forward and decided it was time for us to get on top of our finances and start moving forward to building a life together. Buying a home together was our first priority, but we had SO MUCH DEBT! After searching for the best options of consolidating, and even getting offers from our home banks, we found PROSPER!

In July of 2015, we listed for a loan at a lower interest rate than the banks were offering and was funded quickly. After using the funds to pay off all of our debts, by May of 2016, we were able to buy our dream home together! At our housewarming party in July of 2016, Grant surprised me with a marriage proposal in front of all of our friends! Today, we are exactly 2 weeks away from our wedding day, November 25, 2017, and the road to this day was also supported by a loan through Prosper! Our latest loan through prosper allowed us to plan the wedding of our dreams!! This bride is thankful to Prosper! #MyProsperStory.

1st Place Winner: Erin R.

Without the help of Prosper, I wouldn’t have this photo of the first meeting of my son. After almost two years of failed fertility treatments, which financially drained me, I made the decision to adopt. I had applied for loans and grants, and even with my excellent credit, I was not approved. I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and, being a single parent, I was convinced that adopting was something I could never afford. My adoption facilitator outlined some funding options for me and a loan through Prosper was one of my options. I went to Prosper online and was so excited about how EASY the application process was! I even thought that this is too easy, that there had to be a catch. I applied for and was granted my loan almost immediately. Getting that “Congratulations” email is something that I will never forget and I even printed it out as part of my adoption memory book. This loan through Prosper was my first ray of hope that I would actually be able to afford to adopt. Two months later, I received a call that I had been chosen by a birth mom. Three months later, my son was born. #MyProsperStory is something I tell everyone about because I believe that everything happens for a reason. My son is the best thing that has ever happened to me and without the financial help of Prosper, I would not be a mom today. I don’t know if this letter or photo is enough to get me any kind of prize. But the most important message I want to convey to Prosper is this…from the bottom of my heart, you will never know the depth of my gratitude for giving me this loan. You enabled me to be a mom and there is no greater gift than that.

2nd Place Winner: Denille H.

#MyProsperStory #DreamingUnderdogs

My story started just like any other day. I walked through the door to our apartment with a stack of mail. As I open the bills one after another, the looming feeling of overwhelming fear lingered – “too many bills.” I saw a Prosper envelop, and negative self-thoughts flowed through my head. “Your credit is not good enough.” “This is not real, there is always a catch.”

Then, I thought, “It doesn’t hurt to try” “what if I get approved?”

I decided to call Prosper… Ring… Ring… I spoke to a representative, asked a few questions, and I was approved! I was delighted; I felt a glimmer of hope. After months of unforeseen circumstances, my husband and I have fallen so far behind and we used credit cards to supplement our income. Our hope and goals of owning our home had seemed so out of reach. Looking at our 9-year-old and 2-year old, I yearned to provide a nice home and a better life. We felt like underdogs.

A loan through Prosper allowed us to pay off our credit card debts, and medical bills, and we now had one affordable monthly payment. In less than 60 days, I was astonished to learn that both my husband and my credit scores increased over 100 points! It was uplifting to see that our dreams were once again possible. We got pre-approved for a mortgage, and became house hunters.

Houses after houses we go. The kids excitingly pick out new rooms, and we graciously submitted our first offer. Everything is moving in lightning speed, and slow motion at the same time. Eagerly we waited…12 hour…24 hours…Ring…Ring… Our Agent, is on the other end of the line saying, “Hello, there are multiple offers!”

This has been an emotional journey. A journey made possible by Prosper!

Thank you Prosper for helping us, the Dreaming Underdogs, get on top of our finances. You have made our once dimmed dreams possible.


The 2017 #MyProsperStory Contest Now Open for Entries!

The #MyProsperStory Photo Contest is back! Share your story for a chance to win a full loan payoff, up to $35,000.

What does it look like to be on top of your finances?

Your #MyProsperStory photo and story should capture what it means to be “on top of your finances.” We’re looking for inspiring photos and compelling captions that describe how a loan through Prosper has helped you to advance your financial well-being. In years past, our hearts were warmed, eyes watered and we’ve even laughed out loud at the creative and powerful stories that we have received.

Submit your #MyProsperStory today through Nov. 26, 2017 to enter the contest. Prosper will choose 20 finalists. Then it’s up to you to vote for the winners, starting Dec. 1, 2017.

The grand prize winner will have their loan paid off, up to $35,000. First and second place winners will receive $5,000 and $2,500, which will be applied to their remaining loan balances, respectively.

How to enter:

Step 1: Submit a photo of you on top of your finances

Step 2: Tell us about your Prosper experience

Need inspiration? Check out our 2016 #MyProsperStory contest winners.

The contest is open to anyone with an active loan through Prosper between Oct. 31, 2014 – Nov. 8, 2017. People who have previously entered a #MyProsperStory contest are welcome to re-enter this year. Entries limited to one per person.

Prosper will judge entries based on the photo (25% of total score), your story/caption (50% of total score), and overall originality and uniqueness (25% of total score).

And don’t forget to include the #MyProsperStory hashtag in your caption to be eligible to win.

For more information on eligibility and judging, visit the official rules.

#MyProsperStory 2017 Photo Contest – Official Rules


TIMING: The #MyProsperStory Photo Contest (the “Contest”) is presented by Prosper Marketplace, Inc. (the “Sponsor” or “Prosper”) and administered by US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Co. (the “Contest Administrator”). The Contest begins at 12:00:01 AM Pacific Time (“PT”) on Thursday, November 9, 2017 and ends at 11:59:59 PM PT on Sunday, December 10, 2017 (the “Contest Period”) and consists of three (3) phases: the Contest Entry Phase, Judging Phase and Public Voting Phase as represented in the chart below. Sponsor’s computer is the official timekeeping device for this Contest.

Phases Start Time End Time
Contest Entry Phase November 9, 2017 @ 12:00:01 AM PT November 26, 2017 @ 11:59:59 PM PT
Judging Phase November 9, 2017 November 30, 2017
Public Voting Phase December 1, 2017 @ 12:00:01 AM PT December 10, 2017 @ 11:59:59 PM PT

ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, age 18 or older at time of entry that are borrowers with an active loan, in good standing during the term of the loan, through Prosper as of November 8, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM PT or, have had a loan, in good standing during the term of the loan, through Prosper between October 31, 2014 – November 8, 2017 (the “Loan Dates”). (All loans through the Prosper marketplace are made by WebBank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. The loans are unsecured, fully amortized consumer loans with a fixed interest rate.) Void outside the U.S., in Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited or restricted by law. Employees of the Sponsor, Contest Administrator and each of their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies (collectively, “Contest Entities”), and the immediate family members of, and/or those living in the same household of each, are not eligible to enter or win. Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. By participating in the Contest each entrant (the “Entrant”) unconditionally accepts and agrees to be bound to these official rules (“Official Rules”) and the decisions of the Contest Entities which are final and binding.

HOW TO ENTER: To enter the Contest:

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/prosperloans and follow the instructions to access the Photo Contest app page (the “Contest Site”)
  2. Complete the entry form in its entirety, including uploading a photo that shows what it looks like to be on top of your finances (the “Photo”); Photos must be in .jpeg, .gif or .png file format and may not exceed 8MB in size.
  3. Provide a response to the question posed by the Sponsor about your experience with Prosper, not to exceed 350 words (the “Caption”) and include #MyProsperStory hashtag.
  4. Check the box to confirm you are: a) 18 or older and a U.S. resident and b) a borrower with a loan through Prosper during the Loan Dates, and click the “Enter” button (the “Entry”). Entries must be received between 12:00:01 AM PT on Thursday, November 9, 2017 and 11:59:59 PM PT on Sunday, November 26, 2017 (the “Contest Entry Phase”). Incomplete, invalid or non-compliant Entries will be disqualified and are void.

Limit: One (1) Entry per person during the Contest Entry Phase.

The Contest Entities will review all submitted Entries and reserve the immediate right without notification or warning in their sole and absolute discretion to reject, disqualify and/or remove any Entry that violates these Official Rules. All Entries will be posted to a public gallery within the Contest Site (the “Contest Gallery”).

All of the terms and conditions as described herein apply to the format of the Entry submission. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By submitting an Entry, the Entrant understands and grants to the Sponsor permission for his/her Entry and other Entrant information to be posted on Facebook.com throughout the world for viewing by visitors to the Contest Site and used in accordance with the Official Rules. Sponsor reserves the right to post sample Photo and Captions it has created in connection with the Contest on Facebook.com. Sponsor does not guarantee the posting of any Entry.

Multiple Entrants are not permitted to share the same email address, or Facebook account. Any suspected attempt by any Entrant to cheat, engage in fraud, spamming, phishing, or to obtain more than the stated number of Entries by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, accounts, equipment, IP addresses, registrations and logins, or any other method will void Entry and any Entrant suspected of using/benefitting from such methods will be disqualified. Use/suspected use of any bot, robotic, or automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification. In the event of a dispute as to any Entry, the authorized account holder of the email address used to register will be deemed to be the Entrant. The “authorized account holder” is the natural person assigned an email address by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address. Each potential winner may be required to show proof of being the authorized account holder.


All Entries, in whole and in part, must comply with the following minimum guidelines to be eligible:

  • Cannot contain content that is irrelevant to the purpose of the Contest.
  • Cannot be profane, pornographic, sexually explicit or suggestive or contain nudity or similar or dissimilar inappropriate material or activities.
  • Cannot be violent or promote firearms/weapons.
  • Cannot include or in any way promote/reference alcohol, illegal or dangerous drugs or tobacco.
  • Cannot defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about people, brands, products or companies, including but not limited to the Sponsor’s brand, products and services.
  • Cannot be obscene or offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group or be derogatory to any sexual, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional, age group or any other group.
  • Cannot reference or contain materials embodying patented, trademarked, or copyrighted images, names, likenesses or other indicia identifying any brand, products, company or person, living or dead, without permission.
  • Cannot communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Sponsor and Facebook wish to associate.
  • Cannot depict illegal, dangerous or unsafe activity and cannot itself be in violation of any law.
  • Cannot in any way reference persons, venues, or organizations without written permission from any person, venue owner, or organization whose name, image or likeness is used.
  • Cannot include images of a known celebrity, famous or well-known person or any image which violates the right of privacy or publicity of any person.
  • Cannot include images or references to minors unless the parent/adult legal guardian of the minor has provided Entrant express written consent to the entry and its submission into this Contest; Sponsor reserves the right to require written evidence of such consent.

Sponsor reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to immediately and without notification or warning reject, disqualify and/or remove any Entrant/Entries that violate these Official Rules or are otherwise non-compliant, ineligible or inappropriate, and to require immediate prize return if applicable.

By submitting an Entry, Entrant (or parent/legal guardian if Entrant is 18 years of age or older but still deemed a minor in his/her state of residence) warrants, represents and covenants that: (a) it is the Entrant’s original work and has been legally created, specifically for this Contest; (b) it has not been previously published or distributed in any media; (c) it has not been entered in or won previous contests or awards; (d) it does not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other legal or moral rights of any person or entity; (e) Entrant has obtained written permission from any identifiable person appearing in, or who has worked on the Entry, or whose name or likeness is used in the Entry (“Photo Participant”); (f) if a Photo Participant is a minor, written permission must be granted by the Photo Participant’s parent/legal guardian; (g) Entrant owns all rights to the Entry, including without limitation, copyrights, and has received prior written permission from the Photo Participant(s) (including any photographer if any content was photographed/photographed by someone other than the Entrant); (f) Entrants shall take all other actions to  transfer all usage rights to the Sponsor if and as requested, including but not limited to anything necessary to transfer such rights from Photo Participants, or the parent/legal guardian of Photo Participant; (i) publication of the Entry via various media, including posting on the Contest Site, will not infringe on any third-party rights; and (j) Entrant will indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor, Facebook, Contest Administrator and related entities, agents and assigns from any threatened or actual actions, claims, liabilities, settlements (whether or not litigation is commenced) and damages (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or relating to the breach or alleged breach of your representations and warranties herein, the Entry, or Entrant’s conduct in creating the Entry, Photo Participant’s participation in the Entry, participation in the Contest, and/or the acceptance or use/misuse of any prize, or any other element in connection with this Contest.

Sponsor reserves the right to request proof of written permissions relating to any of the above. By participating, Entrant grants Sponsor permission to use his/her name, caption, hometown, photograph or image for future advertising and publicity purposes in connection with the Contest in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed without additional compensation, notification or permission. Upon submitting an Entry, and whether or not your Entry is disqualified or selected as a finalist or winner, you grant to Sponsor an exclusive unlimited, royalty-free irrevocable perpetual right and license in and to the Entry, in whole and in part, and all the intellectual and other property rights therein including but not limited to the right to make derivative works, and to commercially exploit the Entry in connection with Sponsor’s brands, goods and services, through-out the world, and further agree to execute all documents and perform all acts deemed necessary by Sponsor to protect Sponsor’s license in the Entry and intellectual property rights associated therewith. You will not now nor in the future be paid for your Entry or granting any of these rights.

Entries made by any other individual or entity that is not the person named on the submitted Entry or made in any manner inconsistent with these Official Rules will be declared invalid and disqualified from this Contest.

JUDGING: All eligible Entries received during the Contest Entry Phase will be judged by the Sponsor based on the following judging criteria. Judging will begin on/around Thursday, November 9, 2017 and be completed on/around Thursday, November 30, 2017:

  1. A) Photo Caption response that is authentic, inspiring and/or humorous as to how a loan through Prosper has helped you to stay on top of your finances (50%)
  2. B) Photo and Photo Caption originality/uniqueness (25%)
  3. C) Photo quality and ability to be expressive and inspirational (25%) 

The twenty (20) Entries that receive the highest total score based on the judging criteria will be deemed a Finalist (the “Finalist”). In the unlikely event of a tie, the tied Entries with the highest score in Criterion A will be deemed the potential Finalist. If additional tie breakers are needed, the tie-breaking mechanism above will be used; however, instead of the highest score in Criterion A determining the potential Finalists from among the tied Entries, the highest scores in each of Criteria B through C, in sequence (to the extent needed) will determine the potential Finalists.

Finalists may be notified via email if their Entry will be included in the Public Voting Phase.

PUBLIC VOTING: Beginning Friday, December 1, 2017 at 12:00:01 AM PT and ending on Sunday, December 10, 2017 11:59:59 PM PT (“Public Voting Phase”), the twenty (20) Finalists will be posted to the Contest Gallery and voting will be accepted. To vote, visit https://www.facebook.com/prosperloans, click the Prosper Photo Contest tab to link to the Contest site, and click the link to view the Contest Gallery. During the Public Voting Phase, Facebook members who are legal residents of the 50 United States including the District of Columbia and are 18 years of age or older may access the Contest Gallery, click the “Vote” button associated with that Finalist Entry you believe depicts the most compelling way a loan through Prosper has helped the Finalist stay on top of his/her finances, and follow all instructions to cast one (1) vote per day for the Finalist Entry that he or she believes depicts the most compelling way a loan through Prosper has changed an Entrant’s life for the better (the “Vote”).

Employees of the Contest Entities and Facebook are not eligible to vote. Limit: One (1) vote per person per day during the Public Voting Phase. You may only submit a vote for one (1) Finalist Entry per day during the Public Voting Phase. An Entrant may vote for his/her own Entry.

Any suspected attempt to cheat, engage in fraud, gain votes by promising a benefit to the Entrant/voter or any other person, including sites such as Vote Exchange or other similar social media sites, subject the Entrant to disqualification in the sole discretion of the Sponsor. Entrants or voters suspected of or who do cheat, spam or create multiple identities, use multiple IP addresses, multiple Facebook accounts for the purpose of casting Votes, or use any other unauthorized method will have their Votes disqualified and any Votes/Entry/Entrant appearing to engage in/benefit from these activities may be voided/disqualified. Decisions of the Sponsor are final relating to all aspects of the online voting process and results.

Entries/Votes become sole property of Sponsor and none will be acknowledged or returned.  Nothing in these Official Rules shall obligate Sponsor to post, publish or otherwise disclose any Entry/Vote submitted in connection with this Contest.

WINNER DETERMINATION & ANNOUNCEMENT: The Finalist whose Entry receives the most eligible Votes during the Public Voting Phase will be deemed the potential Grand Prize winner. The Finalist Entry with the next highest number of eligible Votes will be deemed the potential First Prize winner. The Finalist Entry with the next highest number of eligible Votes will be deemed the potential Second Prize winner. In the event of a tie, the Sponsor will review the tied Finalist Entries based on the following criteria: a) Photo Caption response is authentic, inspiring and/or humorous as to how a loan through Prosper has helped you to stay on top of your finances (50%), b) Photo and Photo Caption originality/uniqueness (25%), c) Photo quality and ability to be expressive and inspirational (25%) to determine the winner. Any scores, Votes and potential winners are not final unless and until finally verified by Sponsor.

Winners may be announced by the Sponsor, along with the winner’s name, on the Contest Site for an indefinite period of time.


Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize is available to be won of a credit equal to the amount necessary to pay off ONE active loan balance through Prosper of the winner as of December 10, 2017, up to a maximum total amount of $35,000.  In no event shall the Grand Prize exceed $35,000. Minimum amount the winner will receive is $10,000. If the winner has more than one active loan through Prosper, the winner will determine to which active loan balance the winner wishes to have the Grand Prize applied. (If the winner fails to timely provide a selection Prosper shall apply the Grand Prize to the winner’s active loan balance through Prosper with the highest outstanding principal balance as at December 10, 2017.) The amount credited to the winner’s active loan will be equal to the amount necessary to pay off the winner’s active loan balance up to $35,000.  By way of example only, in the event the balance is paid off on all active loans through Prosper or on one active loan through Prosper but the minimum of $10,000 is not exhausted, any remainder (up to $10,000) shall be sent to the winner’s bank account on record with Prosper or by check to their address on record with Prosper. In the event the balance is paid off on one active loan through Prosper over $10,000, but which is less than $35,000, any remainder (below $35,000) will NOT be awarded and will not be received as a credit, or otherwise. Any unused, unclaimed, un-awarded portion of the prize will not be awarded as cash, credit or otherwise.

The Maximum Grand Prize ARV is: $35,000. 

First Prize: One (1) First Prize is available to be won of $5,000. Prize will be awarded in the form of a $5,000 credit to the winner’s active loan balance through Prosper. In no event shall the First Prize exceed $5,000.  In the event the balance is paid off on all active loans through Prosper or on one active loan through Prosper but the minimum of $5,000 is not exhausted, any remainder shall be sent to the winner’s bank account on record with Prosper or by check to their address on record with Prosper.

The First Prize ARV is: $5,000. 

Second Prize: One (1) Second Prize is available to be won of $2,500. Prize will be awarded in the form of a $2,500 credit to the winner’s active loan balance through Prosper. In no event shall the First Prize exceed $2,500.  In the event the balance is paid off on all active loans through Prosper or on one active loan through Prosper but the minimum of $2,500 is not exhausted, any remainder shall be sent to the winner’s bank account on record with Prosper or by check to their address on record with Prosper.

The Second Prize ARV is: $2,500.

The total maximum ARV of all prizes to be awarded is: $42,500.

All decisions regarding accounts, loans, credits, remainder balances, and any other determination of issues relating to prize award are the sole and absolute determination of Sponsor, which are final and binding.

WINNER NOTIFICATION: On or about Tuesday, December 12, 2017 potential winners will be notified via email and/or phone, and will be required to sign and return, within seven (7) days of notification, an Affidavit of Eligibility, a Liability Waiver, a W-9 Form and where allowable, a Publicity Release (collectively, “the Release”). The Release will require the Winner to furnish his/her Social Security Number for the sole purpose of tax reporting, as required by law. Noncompliance will result in disqualification, forfeiture of prize and an alternate winner may be selected. The prize package will be awarded within approximately 45 days after the winner is verified.

If a winner is otherwise eligible under these Official Rules, but is nevertheless deemed a minor in his or her state of primary residence, the prize will be awarded to and in the name of winner’s parent or legal guardian who will be required to execute, sign, and return the Releases on minor’s behalf. Noncompliance will result in disqualification and an alternate winner may be selected. If Releases are returned as undeliverable or if the selected winner cannot accept or receive the prize for any reason, or he/she is not in compliance with these Official Rules, the prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner may be selected pursuant to their score.

Non-winning Entrants will not be notified. If winner notification is returned, unclaimed, or otherwise undeliverable or if the selected potential winner cannot accept or receive the prize for any reason or is not in compliance with these Official Rules, this may result in disqualification and the next highest scoring Entry will be notified and will be deemed the winner, if qualified.
PRIZE CONDITIONS: All expenses related to the acceptance or use of the prize are the sole responsibility of a prize winner. Limit one (1) prize per person.

Prize is non-assignable and non-transferable. No substitution is permitted except at the sole discretion of the Sponsor in which case a prize of equal or greater value will be awarded. In no event will Sponsor be responsible for awarding more than the stated number of prizes, or the stated monetary values.

Winners are responsible for all federal, state, local, income and any other taxes associated with winning prize.

Any winner’s Entry and acceptance of a prize awarded constitutes permission for the Sponsor to use the winner’s name, image, photograph, likeness, statements, biographical information, voice and address (city and state) commercially or non-commercially, in all forms of media known or unknown, in perpetuity, worldwide, without notice or further compensation, except where prohibited

None of the information submitted by the Entrant will be treated as trade secrets, confidential information or as protected data under any obligation. No patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights or licenses are granted to any Contest components supplied by the Sponsor to the potential Entrants. Potential Entrants do not receive by way of or under the Contest any intellectual property or other rights in any copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, technology, trade secrets or know-how of either the Sponsor or any third party.

GENERAL: In the event any Entrant, voter or winner engages in behavior that (as determined by Sponsor in Sponsor’s sole discretion) is obnoxious or threatening, illegal or that is intended to annoy, abuse, threaten, disparage or harass any other person or company related to the Contest or deemed by the Sponsor to be threatening, disparaging or damaging to the Sponsor (or its brands, goods/services), the Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify the Entrant, voter or winner and void any entries or Votes made by said person.

Incomplete, corrupted or untimely Entries or Votes; or any Entry/Votes generated by a script, macro or other automated means are void and will be disqualified. Sponsor and its agencies are not responsible for lost, incomplete, corrupted or untimely Entries/Votes, or for incomplete, lost, interrupted or unavailable network, server or other connections, miscommunications, computer or software malfunctions or telephone transmission problems or technical failures, garbled transmissions, damage to a user’s computer or device or other equipment (software or hardware) or other errors or malfunctions of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic or otherwise. Proof of sending an entry will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by Sponsor or eligibility. Sponsor, Facebook, their affiliate companies, parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors and agents are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, including, without limitation, caused by Contest Site users or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of submissions in the Contest. Sponsor assumes no responsibility for any loss, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, Entries, nor for the failure to capture or collect any information.

If, for any reason, the Contest is not capable of being conducted as planned, including but not limited to infection by computer viruses, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or other causes beyond the control of Sponsor which impair the integrity, fairness or proper play of the Contest or any element thereof, Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest and determine winners from eligible non-suspect Entries received if feasible, fair and equitable.

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#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Joshua Y.

#MyProsperStory started with an idea: a three-week road trip through Western Europe – just me, my wife, and my camera. We plotted our journey, set our budget, and packed our bags. My loan through Prosper made it easy to plan our dream vacation. We enjoyed fish and chips in London, winding mountain passes in Switzerland, and finished with fireworks over the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

This testimonial is part of the #MyProsperStory, a contest that invites members of the Prosper community to share their financial wellness story. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the next #MyProsperStory campaign. For more information on a loan through Prosper or to check your rate, visit Prosper.com.