10 Common Financial Mistakes

10 Common Financial Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

How many of the 10 most common financial mistakes are you making? Lower your stress simply by avoiding these common money mixups.

Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans: Which is Right for You?

Maybe you’re planning to make a big purchase, start a home improvement project, or consolidate existing debt. As you consider potential options for borrowing the funds you need, you might be wondering about credit cards vs personal loans. Both choices are popular, but they certainly aren’t identical. Here we’ll compare the two options across five […]

Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Secured vs unsecured?

Should you apply for a secured or unsecured loan? Find out the difference between secured vs unsecured loans before you apply.

Is a Credit Card Balance Transfer Right For You?

Is a credit card balance right for you

A credit card balance transfer lets you move debt from one card to another that has a lower interest rate. Many credit card issuers offer a 0 percent, or otherwise low, introductory APR on balance transfers.

Paying Off Debt? Ditch These 7 Debt Myths ASAP

Some of the most common beliefs about debt are actually myths. When it comes to paying off debt, it’s important to know the ins and outs of what’s real and what isn’t. We debunk seven popular misconceptions about debt so that you can improve your financial health and stay on the path to long-term well-being. […]

Why Cashing Out Your 401k May Hurt Your Financial Future

There are several ways to build an emergency fund to help see you through a seismic life event or an urgent financial situation, but is cashing out your 401k a good option? The Financial Impact of Cashing Out a 401k Cashing out a 401k may result in several consequences, some immediate and others that you […]