What Is a Hardship Letter?

Rubber stamp with the text past due over an invoice document.

A hardship letter is challenging to write, but a well-written letter can provide breathing room to get back on your feet and thrive.

What’s the Best Credit Card for Students?

A college student holding her credit card and using a smartphone while walking in the city

Student credit cards can help you build a successful financial future when handled responsibly. If you’re looking at applying for your first credit card, here are some tips to make sure you start your credit history off right.

Is Remodeling an Old Fixer-Upper Worth It?

Example of potential result from remodel planning

Whether you’re taking a home you already love and making it better or taking a fixer-upper and restoring it to livability, the key to a successful remodel is planning. Remodel projects take a significant investment in time, money, and effort, and the details can become overwhelming without proper planning. Fortunately, by breaking it down step-by-step […]

What is Principal and Interest?

Woman learns what is principal and interest

One of the most common questions consumers ask is this: what is principal and interest? They’re both terms related to loans, but what do they mean? We believe that financial literacy is a core component of achieving financial empowerment. And understanding principal and interest is key to paying off debt. So let’s take a look […]