What Is a Financial Hardship Loan?

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A hardship loan is a loan used to cover an unexpected financial emergency. Let’s examine the different types of hardship loans and whether you should consider using one.

8 Tips for Affordable Travel

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Prosper’s affordable travel tips will get you to your dream destination without breaking the bank. Here are some inexpensive suggestions for your next vacation.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

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One of the best parts of homeownership is being able to customize your home exactly how you want it. You don’t have to make your life fit your home- you can make your home fit your life. Not only that, but thoughtful renovations can often increase your home’s value, making your home an even more […]

Small Bathroom? Big Opportunity: Bathrooms and Home Equity

Bathroom renovation

One of the biggest reasons to remodel or add to your home is to improve its resale value. Many renovations and remodel projects show a solid average return on investment (ROI.) While opinions vary on whether adding a bathroom is a smart way to boost a home’s value, a bathroom addition can often have a […]

What is a Good APR for a Home Loan?

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What’s a good APR for a home loan? The answer is relative. Annual percentage rates (APRs) fluctuate based on the prime rate and other economic factors, so the definition of a good APR will vary based on what’s available when you ask the question. In addition, the rates offered to an individual depend on their […]