12 Financial Tips to Get Your Wallet Ready for the Holidays

From exchanging gifts to sharing meals, there are a number of ways we express our joy with friends, family and work colleagues during this time of year. And for most, while this season is certainly special, it can also be very costly, sometimes impacting pocketbooks long after the fireworks have faded into the new year. […]

5 Tips That Will Save You Money on Your Winter Home Improvement Projects

Winter can be a great time to tackle one or two home improvement projects that will not only have your home warm and cozy, but save you some serious dough. Here are five tips to get you started: 1. Do your homework. If you’re going to hire a contractor for your project, try to get […]

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Mother’s Day Edition


Let’s face it, motherhood isn’t easy. It’s a constant juggling act making sure lunches are made, homework is done and kids are safely carted from one after school activity to another. And raising little ones is certainly more of a challenge when you’re a single parent. In honor of Mother’s Day, Prosper Marketplace wants to […]