#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Denise M.


Our wedding was a dream… but paying for it became a nightmare! It started out as a small Scottish gathering, then blossomed into a rather large affair. We ended up having more people which meant bigger venue, more food, and a lot more drinks! We had to put so much more on credit cards then we’d planned.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Terance A.


#MyProsperStory started when I overheard someone talking about Prosper in the airport. I decided to research Prosper on the flight and found all of the reviews by borrowers, investors had five star comments.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Meghan G.


#MyProsperStory began on a small farm in rural Dry Creek, Alaska, forty-five miles from the nearest grocery store. I was raised there by my parents, along with three younger sisters and an older brother. Our lifestyle was very much subsistence based and we made ends meet by utilizing the resources we had.  There were few lessons on managing debt or investing in the first eighteen years of my life. Instead, lessons focused on living a simple, self-sufficient life.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: J’Ree D.

In 2016, two major things happen to me; first I bought a house and, at 45, single with no children I became the legal guardian of my 11-year-old niece Gabby, who likes to be called Panda G.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Christina C.

My Prosper Story Christina

Prosper helped me with my financial situation when no one else would. I had emptied my savings to pay for my grandmother funeral, maxed out my cards, and my car was broke down.

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Mike B.

My Prosper Story Mike B

Prosper is one of the main reasons we have been able to start our family. Adoptions can be very expensive, and ours was no exception. We looked at all the options we had to begin the process and Prosper was a perfect fit. We got the much-needed funds, at a low interest rate to start […]

#MyProsperStory Spotlight: Derek L.

My Prosper Story Derek L

Prosper has helped me consolidate my bills, and lower my monthly payments, so I don’t have to worry about enjoying family functions. I was able to get a newer chair and use it at our Halloween Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser!

Prosper Announces $50 Million Series G Investment

Prosper Facebook Logo

SAN FRANCISCO- September, 21, 2017 – Prosper, a leading marketplace lending platform for consumer loans, today announced a $50 million investment from an investment fund co-managed by FinEX Asia. The Series G investment, which brings Prosper’s total equity raised to $410 million to date, will be used to make strategic investments in the company’s platform and […]