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Bill Walker

V.P. of Customer Experience, Prosper Marketplace, Inc. 

Bill is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the customer lifecycle from onboarding through customer service, vendor operations, borrower engagement and portfolio maximization. Bill brings over 20 years of experience in Financial Services customer service, marketing and product launch management to Prosper.

Before joining Prosper, Bill was Vice President of existing customer marketing at Barclaycard US. In this role he managed the Open Market loan portfolio, Barclaycard’s largest customer segment with 1.5 million customers and assets over $3 Billion. While at Barclaycard, Bill also managed a number of marketing channels, vendor operations, portfolio conversions and new product launches including the award winning “crowd-sourced” Barclaycard Ring. Prior to Barclaycard US, Bill held a number of marketing and operations positions at MBNA America (now Bank of America) in business lending, insurance services and consumer finance.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics at The Pennsylvania State University.