September 28, 2016

Americans Aren’t Waiting for the Next President to Help Them Economically; They Are Getting On Top of Their Finances Now

By Jennifer Clark

With the presidential election just weeks away, a new Election & Prosperity Poll”  from Prosper Marketplace, Inc. reveals that Americans are not waiting for the next president to help them economically, they are prioritizing their finances now. Nearly half of all adults (41 percent) said that “getting on top of my finances” is their number one priority for the rest of 2016, beating out “improving my health” (32 percent) and “advancing my career” (13 percent).

Going one level deeper, the poll revealed that finances rank even higher among millennials and voters under 40, with 49 percent citing “getting on top of my finances” is their top priority, compared to 37 percent for voters 40+. On this issue, it’s evident that younger voters have the same pocketbook focus as previous generations. Among this group, Clinton is favored 40 percent, compared to 27 percent for Donald Trump.


So with finances top of mind this election season, how exactly are American’s getting their financial house in order? Top approaches among all respondents included spending less (32 percent) and starting an emergency fund (24 percent). For millennials and voters under 40, paying off credit cards debt came in at number three, versus voters 40+ who said that holding off on major purchases is a higher priority.

Undoubtedly, Prosper Marketplace’s Election & Prosperity Poll shows that when it comes to financial prosperity, Americans are not relying on anyone, not even the next president, to help improve their circumstances. With just 29 percent of those surveyed citing that they believe they will prosper under Clinton, compared to 24 percent for Trump, one thing is abundantly clear – Americans are taking money matters into their own hands.

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The Prosper Marketplace Political Poll was conducted online by Prosper Marketplace from August 30 – September 6, 2016. Respondents comprised of 1,000 U.S. participants in this study were provided through the Harris Panel, including members of third party panel providers.