June 1, 2012

Using Prosper Ratings to Diversify Your Portfolio for More Consistent Returns

By Prosper

In this 15-minute video, Prosper.com executives Jim Catlin, EVP of Risk, and Joseph Toms, Chief Investment Officer cover:

  • Analytical insights on the performance of loans based on risk ratings (Prosper Ratings AA to HR)
  • What to consider beyond the estimated return of a P2P investment
  • How to use Prosper Ratings to diversify your portfolio for more consistent returns

Webinar: Using Prosper Ratings to Create a Diversified Portfolio for More Consistent Returns.wmv

Suggested next steps:

  • Review your current allocation by Prosper Rating. See where your portfolio needs adjusting, based on your investing style and risk tolerance. Sign in to your account.

Diversification is an important, time-tested component of an investment strategy. Stay tuned for more content for Prosper investors that highlight the benefits of diversifying your Prosper investment.

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Notes offered by Prospectus.

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