December 18, 2009

Prosper Ratings: A Refresher

By Prosper

Prosper Ratings

Every borrower listing on Prosper is assigned a Prosper Rating – a proprietary rating developed by Prosper that allows us to maintain consistency when assigning a rating to the listing.

Prosper Ratings allow you to easily analyze a listing’s level of risk because the rating represents an estimated average annualized loss rate range.

The loss rate is based on the historical performance of borrowers on Prosper loans with similar characteristics and is determined by two scores: (1) the credit score, obtained from a credit reporting agency, and (2) an in-house custom score, the Prosper Score, built on the Prosper population. The use of these two scores will determine an estimated loss rate for each listing (based on the historical performance of previous Prosper loans), which then determines the Prosper Rating.

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